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Story Idea?

February 23, 2012

Well I was sitting in my English class today and I had an idea for a story, so I jotted down some of it and I figured I might as well post a bit of it now.


“One out of every thousand children born in your kingdom one will be brought before the Altar.” an old man with a crackling voice said.

“We will not send you our children like lambs to the slaughter!” the young king barked back.

“Then your entire kingdom will suffer His wrath.” the old man said with an eerie tone.

“I will not stand here and let you ma-” a loud crack interrupted the king’s reply and his head turned 180 degrees around and he fell down onto the ground, dead.

The guards in the room quickly drew their swords and enclosed the man in a circle. A bright flash of light appeared and the old man was veiled in a cloud of smoke. The smoke quickly dissipated and the guards looked at each other, only to see a sight that caused each of them to burst out with a loud scream and drop their swords and shields. The guards quickly jumped out of the windows inside the castle chamber and plummeted to their death.

“Fools, they are all fools. They know not what they do.” the crackled voice of the old man said as he walked towards the doors leading into the King’s chamber. They will all face my wrath soon. A loud voice rumbled through out the chamber, and the old man turned around towards the throne.

Zarith you have done well in delivering my message to these heathens. For this you shall be rewarded well.

“Thank you my -” Zarith stopped speaking and grabbed his ears as if they were in pain.

Your death shall cause you to renew in life, you shall be resurrected from your current state.

Zarith fell to the floor and blood flowed out of his mouth into a small puddle next to his head. The throne of the now dead king split in half and a faint reddish-grey smoke flowed upward from it. The smoke quickly morphed into a ball and flew towards Zarith’s body and entered through his mouth. His body shook and then straightened out as stiff as a board.

Arise Zarith the Red, you are now the King of Arithia. Serve me well, these people will follow you as they did their old king.

Zarith stumbled to his feet and grabbed onto the arm of the broken throne.


Yes, there are probably typos, I am not concerned with them right now.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Thank you,

Sleeping Coffee

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